4k vr goggles in 3d from 2 4k cameras - foreseeable future?

How far away are we from being able to connect a very high resolution vr headset like the Pimax 8k and get true 3d in quite high resolution and high frame rate at multiple-km distances and low latency? Are we talking one generation of rasberry pi (rpi5? maybe if it has hardware multi-stream h265 or h266 encoding?) and slightly better wifi dongles, or is this just not in the foreseeable future?

Pretty close, a pi4 on the ground can decode 1080p h265, a jetson on the ground can decode 4k h265.

Would the latest Jetson Nano 2GB version be able to decode 4k h265?
Just checked the specs and yes is the answer. Looking forward to being able view that. Many thanks.

I’m happy to see the raspberry pi platform evolving - the new boards from Nvidia show that OpenHD is on the right path. I plan on installing OpenHD on a plane this winter and will use whatever the best hardware is at the time.
Congratulations to the developers of OpenHD!