About windows QopenHD

is qopen hd on Windows is usable…??? not planning on long range just few meters of flying i have a windows tablet want to to be portable

G’day Yuno,
I haven’t used the windows version of QopenHD but I have compiled a linux version. The PC cannot replace the ground pi at the moment so you still need a ground pi connected to the wifi cards but you can then connect the PC to the ground PI and have control over the OpenHD system. I connect my laptop via ethernet to the raspberry pi and have FPV-VR running on my android phone in VR goggles for my disabled daughter, works really well.

hi Mat ,
thank for the reply . can i connect the ground pi to windows pc to get the video on mission planner??? can i do that or not?.. how sweet of you to that for your daughter hats off man.

Hi :slight_smile:

Yes you can do it.
Just activate the Ethernet hotspot (in OHD settings file) and connect your Pi + pc with an Ethernet cable. Windows sometimes needs deactivation of the firewall and inside mission planner set port 5600 for video ( maybe it already is, not sure rn).