Adafruit CM4 CAMERA board?

(new user on the forum here)

Has anyone seen the new Adafruit Camera Board for the CM4:

Together attached with the CM4, it would make for a very compact and light Air Unit. However, it doesn’t look like power and USB points are easily accessible as a solder pad (like the raspi0’s).

I currently have the 3B mini setup, but due to the awkward square shape and layout, it really is not very compact. Also, it runs hot!


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I have a Pi 3B mini on order, it needs a heat sink then by your comment!
Mine will also be in an enclosure which has fan forcing airflow though it so hopefully it will run cool.

The 3B mini will need a heatsink and a mini fan blowing onto it.

I’ve received this sketch regarding the D+ / D- pads, from Ledato, the manufacturer of that Camera board.

I don’t have a CM4 module with the onboard EMMC yet, so if anyone wants to test this out.