AirPi with pi0, usb cam and ac56... I need help!

Hello, I’m new with raspberry, but I’m very interested in this project. I’m building up a compact FW drone in which the weight and compact volumes are key factors; following this way, I has been oriented in the following configuration on the AirPi:

  • raspberry pi zero 1.3
  • asus ac56
  • c1 micro (usb camera)
    Now the great question… how to connect all of them to the pi without using an hub ( in order to economize weight and volumes)? Any Ideas or suggestions?

Without a hub of some kind you’d never be able to connect the camera and wifi card at the same time, however there are small ones. For example the zero4u stacks on top of the Pi Zero.

There are also usb nano hubs that are just bare PCBs you can solder wires to. Look on AliExpress and perhaps Tindie.

Thank you for your support… do you think this one could be good?

Are there any config to be done in the code or it is “plug and play”?

Just to update the community about the progress… I tried that micro usb hub and it works perfectly. I Connected the WiFi adapter and the camera without any issue, just plug and play. In the next future I’ll try to connect another camera to check if the camera switch also work wit h the hub