Almost Video feed

This is what it looks like every time. Changed pi’s, changed wifi cards, changed power supplies, wired wifi cards separate etc etc. Still same chopped off video as when I started. I tested the pi cam on the pi 3b using other software and it was fine.
Interesting to note that briefly when I begun this whole thing I did get full frame video…just for a while. That was before I even had wifi cards with the right chipset.

Whenever I tested a new build without a proper voltage (both air and ground pi) this happened to me too. So, try using a dc-dc converter (Pololu, if possible) that can output 5A and 5.25V under full load (wifi card at txpower=58 and camera connected)

which polulu do you use ?

I’m using Okystar step-down, because Pololu was out of stock locally.
I think, it’s equally good quality.

First one, with voltage display is for my ground setup.

Good ones are essential I know. The cheap ones off Amazon I’ve tried with the heatsinks become mini heaters within seconds with just the pi and wifi card hooked up. I guess they just can’t handle anything close to the rating slapped on them.
(still need to retest my stuff with different power)