Alternate use for OpenHD

Hello All,

Recently purchased an ZLL SG908 Pro ‘commercial’ drone. At about 125 meters the FPV portion quits on smartphone app. The drone itself will fly to 1300 meter,maybe further,but furthest have taken it a couple times. The controller to drone i am not really sure if it is analog or digital broadcast. The FPV to smartphone is wifi 5.8 ghz.
Would it be possible to piggyback the airPi onto drone ,with a seperate battery bundled and run it in station/AP mode linked to the drones wifi SSID , down to a ground station with the groundPi running in station/AP mode,the groundpi connect to the airPi,and I simply connect the smartphone containing the drones proprietary app to the groundpi.
Effectively this is simply a bridge and really would not use any of the telemtry,etc. Am simply wanting to see if this would increase the FPV range.
My thought were to actually use two of the fairly new rtlarduinos as they are 5.8 ghz capable,but alas no sd card slot.
This is a pretty sweet drone with the 3 axis gimbal but in the end as it is,usually just flying it line of sight.

Any thoughts.

Probably not in the way you describe…

Even if you just piggy back openhd on your drone in the way openhd was intended (stand alone video/telemtry transmitter) you probably will get interference from your drone