Antena ground station with 4 receivers


Hello i am building the following system ground station 2.4 frequency aiming to have a 50-60 kilometers video link. The SYSTEM will be fully motorized and the ground station will have 4 wifi cards connected to the raspberry pi , I have found the following types of antennas, could someone please help ime to choose the correct antennas for the best result?

Hi is not available :frowning:
Any way to get 60km you need at least on ground 20dbi antennas (real gain, not seller declaration - so probably more). I am interested of your results because diversity for 4 the same directional antennas is very rare.
Probably you know this video EZ-wifibroadcast 60KM FPV (MAPLE WIRELESS) - YouTube - 60km record with ground antenna 26dbi (some not commercial Maple Wireless)