Batt voltage not shown


For some reason I cannot see batt voltage on Airpi. It shows batt icon and it is 100% full all the time, before flight during and when landed. Power consumption in milliamps next to the batt icon is showing up correctly. I checked config files and everything looks correctly to me. Any idea whats why batt voltage is not showing ?

I am using Mavlink on Pixhawk.

is it a 4s battery? are you using the old osd or qopenhd?

i have the same problem,
neither Mavlink and LTM cannot show the battery voltage and current only always
100% icon
PI 4B Qopenhd RC11(whatever Ver is)

3s or 4s battery? the default is 3s, a 4s will always look like it’s 100% charged

6s and how to change battery serials

In qopenhd you have to use a mouse or a touchscreen, adding a config file for it right now.

The cell count is in settings, tap/click the openhd logo to bring it up, it’s in the App tab.

thank you so much! its done