Betaflight telemetry

Stephen, I know hardly anybody uses BF, and I only do on a small quad due to hardware limitations, but I thought I’d let you know what I found as far as testing past releases for receiving telemetry. I initially was using V1.2 and telemetry was received no problem. I then jumped to RC7 through RC11 and, while video is excellent, there is no telemetry. I had a bad weather day yesterday so, I hopscotched back and forth to to try to find at what point in the nightly releases telemetry stopped working. So, FWIW this is what I found.
V1.2 stable release - yes video, yes telemetry
1/31 - yes video, yes telemetry
2/12 - yes video, yes telemetry
2/14 - no video, no telemetry
2/19 - yes video, no telemetry
3/1 - yes video, no telemetry
RC7-RC11 yes video, no telemetry
I know you have told me nothing should have changed to affect telemetry, but it appears that between the 2/12 and 2/14 nightly releases, something did, or maybe just something in BF. Probably not worth trying to track down and since the 2/12 and prior versions works well enough for my purposes, I am more than happy. Just thought I’d let you know.

Hm is the issue the old osd or new or both? And are you talking about Mavlink or LTM, or both?

There’s a Mavlink compid check that was added in 2/14 that prevents QGC from causing the flight mode and armed status to incorrectly change every second, but I was pretty sure betaflight and inav were covered by that already. QOpenHD has always had a similar check.

No telemetry in both the old osd and QOpenHD. I’m using Mavlink.
I tried LTM once or twice in the past without success, but I didn’t rigorously mess around with baud rates try to get it working.
Inav telemetry is working fine in RC11 in both old osd and QOpenHD on my wing with mavlink.

So iNav with Mavlink works but Betaflight with Mavlink doesn’t?

I’ll check their firmware to see if there’s something different, iNav certainly has a few.

Yes, that’s what I’ve found with my setups, latest firmwares for both BF4.2 and Inav2.5.

I found the problem, fixing it now

You sir, are a zen master…

Loaded up RC13 on my BF miniquad setup. Telemetry and video comes though great on the old OSD. Video is good on QOpenHD, but no telemetry. Did a quick 1 mile range test flight with no problems whatsoever using the old OSD. Lookin good!

It’s because of the recent change to enable PX4 support, should be fixed tonight.