Bluetooth support (for Joycons)


I was just curious because I’m currently messing around with using joycons via bluetooth as input (as a maybe simpler way of building a controller). I’m mainly curious about whether bluetooth is disabled (probably because it’s 2.4ghz and probably messes with the main radio signal) and whether it’s possible to enable it. Would love to mess around with it and see where that leads!


Figured it out (at least the bluetooth part, my knockoff joy cons aren’t being cooperative):

first, enable bluetooth in config.txt on the boot partition:

# disable Bluetooth on Pi3 so that the GPIO serial port is usable

Then, as per this link:

sudo modprobe btusb  # add the btusb module to the kernel
sudo systemctl start bluetooth.service

Should get bluetooth going, now just need to get the things paired and running.

EDIT: for some reason hciuart doesn’t start on boot

sudo service hciuart start
sudo service bluetooth start

Then you can run your bluetooth (sudo was required for me):

sudo bluetoothctl

I then personally installed joycond because that’s what I’m up to, but might have another reply for that specifically.

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