Camera VEYE-MIPI-327E

I read the owners are happy with the quality of this camera, maybe who has a flight record with this camera? Some questions about lenses. Better F 0.95 or 1, right? If I buy a camera with a lens YT-0.95-4l (lens mount m16 * p 0.5) then the lens on 2.8 or 3.6mm is no longer suitable?

I have two veye camera modules, one with Imx290 and second with imx307. Both cameras have excellent sensor quality, especially in low light environments pictures are still awesome, when other csi cameras turn to black. The imx327 is a bit more expensive, but heard from other OHD users image quality is even a bit better than imx290, so a clear recommendation!
The only downside of those cameras is they need a separate 5v supply (e.g. from Raspi pins) and they have a little bit more lag because veye image is being processed directly on board. But that is imo in a acceptable range,not that much.
Well, lenses are dependent on your use case, I chose a 130 degree wide angle lens (YT1.8-2.8) and their lenses are well made. You can change lenses, but some are on different lens mounts, so you have to look up for other suitable lenses.

I also have the 327E.
It can be powered with 3.3 V by the Pi pins.

Does the 130 degree wide angle lens (YT1.8-2.8) have a big fisheye distortion ?

It has a quiet low distortion, images are fine even at the outer edges. I’m happy with it.

Thanks for your experience.
I will try this one (YT1.8-2.1I - wiki_veye) with 134° FOV, because my cam has a M12 lens mount.