Can I use a 2.4GHz WiFi card with 2.4GHz radio transmitter?

5.8GHz WiFi cards compatible with openHD aren’t available or are too expensive in my country, would it affect performance too much if both are 2.4GHz?

Alot of 2.4g works good too.

I’m sorry I don’t think I understood you, 2.4GHz for fpv is my preferred choice because of longer range and the fact that I’ll mostly fly in rural areas so interference would be lesser, my main concern is that fpv and radio controller will interfere with each other because both are 2.4GHz. I don’t know anything about radio waves and stuff but read that you shouldn’t use same frequency for both fpv and radio control as they’ll interfere with each other having significant impact on performance.

Most of RC does not use single frequency but hopping on quite range , if I good remember some alike 74 canals ( it is different like wifi protocole), so some hop will colide or be near to your OpenHD stream.
On 99 % you will have interefence and affect video. But if you move RC transmiter ~10m from your GroundPi (reciver) it should help or resolve problem. You can always try bidirectional comunication , by OpenHD. But bidirectional for Long range is not good idea.

Dont use external (non-openhd) RC on the same band as Openhd. You will get interference. Your options as I see them
-find 5.8g wifi cards
-switch your rc to another band
-get rid of your normal rc and just use openhd rc

Personally I would use openhd rc…

frsky r9m/qczekrls 868(915)Mhz/tbs crosfire.