Change OSD Font

Can you help me? I have looked at earlier version of OpenHD (around v2.0) and have changed the font for the OSD.

I tried with version 2.0.2. but the font folder was empty. Same with version 2.0.4. I pasted the font folder, with all fonts, into the folder and changed the font name on this latest version (2.0.4) but only made changes to the Ground Pi. Still did not change the font when booted up.

Can the fonts actually be changed? If so how so?

Still just playing around. Not much room on my multi rotor. Can’t wait for have it up flying and working. :smiley:

How are you trying to change the fonts?

I believe my fonts folder is also empty but I have about 20 fonts available baked into the open HD image flashed to the SD card.

Plug a mouse in and go to the font option in the GUI if your not already trying to change it that way.

Cheers, Steve_Fox.

At first I wasn’t too sure what you ment. I plugged in a mouse and booted the ground_pi and saw that I could use a mouse.

I have made a few changes. Thanks for setting me on the right path.

Happy flying!


Yeah, you can modify the elements in the osd directly by clicking on each one but clicking the open HD logo in the top left corner opens up a menu system with a whole bunch of other options :slight_smile: