Cheap GoPro from ali - testing

(should probably go into “Equipment” section but there’s none so…)

Some time ago i found very cheap GoPro3 on Aliexpress: Original For Gopro Hero 3+ silver Full Assembly Image Sensor LCD Assembly Lens Motherboard Repair Parts|Body Parts| - AliExpress and decided to buy it.
Arrived in paper box, bit better than just soft package. So:

  • Cheap!!!
  • Superview included out of the box, #amaze
  • with some minor tinkering lens can be rotated and entire camera may become even more aerodynamic
  • very good dynamic range and 1080p@60FPS+superview usable

Not so good:

  • 30.6g as-is, but ~10g can be taken out by replacing front plate
  • HDMI-out is not so great (see below)
  • no top (shutter) button, but can be soldered on (see below), controlled via serial (everything can be set via serial…) or scripts
  • something is not right with mainboard. Seller photos shows correct GP3B board. I also had few and remember that shutter button was 3-p connector. But board i got looks more like white (or silver?), with 5-p connector. It still records 1080p@60 and reports as GP3 Black on serial console and on version.txt so probably this is just some strange board revision:
    “info version”:“1.1”,
    “firmware version”:“HD3.11.03.03”,
    “wifi version”:“”,
    “wifi bootloader version”:“0.1.0”,
    “wifi mac”:“d4d9191d3ceb”,
    “camera type”:“HERO3+ Black Edition”,
    “camera serial number”:“H3B+EDITED”,

Now about HDMI - without superview everything is fine. I’m using cheap ali HDMI2CSI converters, if superview is turned off - then it works every time, at least for me.
With superview it’s a bit worse. Need to turn on camera, then connect HDMI, only then image will appear, else - just black screen. I did not had this issue with GP4B, but again, i did not tested every possible mode.
I did not tested every possible combination with GP3, but looks like 1080p@30FPS+superview has this issue every time, @60FPS looks a bit better, but when plugging both camera and RPI at once is still not reliable.
So, great deal if you can live without superview (ambarella + protune => amazing videos, also you can get some kind of superview by using AE, avisynth scripts…), not so great but usable when using superview.


(HDMI will go into another post)


HDMI outputs via OHD:
GP3 Wide 1080p 30FPS (see dynamic range - trees still a bit visible trough window, very good):

GP3 Superview 1080p 60FPS:

For comparison - GoPro 4 Black + superview, 1080p @80FPS:

…and gopro7 black, 4K@60FPS + superview (much worse dynamic range, why?):

Wow, I am really happy about this, maybe I will order one.

Good work!!

How much voltage you used to power the camera?

3.8V, but there are many options - 3.3-4.2V over battery port, 4.75-5.25V over USB and there is expansion port if USB is taken for some reason…

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Can you please share the info on how to control via serial? I received the cam, but I don’t know if I can solder a shutter button :thinking:

For example:
…and so on.

Bought the cam too. Got a HERO3+ Silver Edition board. Not the black edition like you. Strange :sweat_smile:

Hey, i see that my link now points to silver edition.
Go to “My Orders” on ali, press on “View details” in order list, then press on link in “Product details” section - it should show product description copy at order time.
If you ordered black and seller changed to silver later - just dispute and get your money back.

Mine at purchase time said “black” and i got black:

Looks like I was too late. Sad :confused:
It was already silver when I bought.

But good news. After a bit of research I found this one (now silver/white/black is selectable):

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