Cloud surfing with Mini Talon

FF split as HD recorder (2.7k) and fpv (720p) cam. Full length video, please scroll it if borring.
Second video is a clip from phones Qopenhd recording.
Clouds are low... yay.. - YouTube


Firefly split looks great option for both. Much latency on live?

Not at all, for a long ranger, up high…

Hi Norbert
What is the construction of your gimbal for rpi cam? you have a 360 degrease pan, this is amazing :slight_smile:
I am very interested in how you resolve the problem of a ribbon cable, could you give more details?

It is a p/t from Lightweight Pan and Tilt - ItsQv
with gears.

And long, 25-30cm(can’t remember…) ribbon cable

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: now I know how it works :smiley: Still, I am impressed by how simple and effective the solution is. I made some more complicated construction which only to pan 180 degrees, to protect more ribbon cable to bend only and not to twist. But now I am not sure is it an over safe. I put some shots on polish forum, but I don’t know is it interesting in this group

Could you check last post on topic “[EZ-wifibroadcast , OpenHD - Digital FPV (budget)]” ( ?

working, thanks :+1:
reading right now