Compact antenna tracker

I did not like the antenna tracker (cases) on thingiverse, so I remixed this one which can easily be mounted to the “cheapeveryonehasitalready - Tripod”:

all the files are available here:

Antenna Tracker Mechanics by SLOWY - Thingiverse

in extensiont to the printable parts you gonna need 2 ball bearings:


also 2 (MG996 - sized) 180* servos, M3 screws, washers and standoffs.

Do not use the servos from the pictures, I found various problems with them and gonna switch soon.

It uses this project for the electronics:

if you want to use this with a WiFi connection make sure to visit:

as dr0nemrc made some serious improvements to the FW.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:


Nice, simple implementation! Heading data from copter’s gps/compass?
Happy how it’s working/tracking?

Yes I get the GPS and heading from my flight controller before takeoff.
The first test where successful and it was tracking nice.
But during stress test I realized that sometimes my weird no-endstop servos turn the „wrong“ direction. So I’m gonna change to some more standard servos soon.
pan and tilt both have a „slip point“ so no damage to the mechanics happily :slight_smile:

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