Connect ip devices

Hello, great work on open.hd!!!

I was wondering if it would be possible to ad ip devices on the air side, like an ipmesh can do. We are using microhard ipmesh now and was wondering if openhd can do pretty much the same.

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Hey :slight_smile:

Do you mean IP between ground<->air, or IP networking between drones?

Hello Stephen, i mean between ground<---->air

Hi there. What’s the go with the setting trying to get a working OSD? I’ve tried everything in the baud rate setting for the Serial Ports and it just isn’t working. Are there any screen shots of working examples? Using arducopter. I have a working video stream. I can connect telemetry radios but getting a working OSD is a whole different ballgame.

Basically what i mean is, can i ssh into the ir pi trough openhd from ground?



Not in OpenHD 2.x releases, we can turn it on for 3.0.

Are you thinking just for debugging or for actually using it? There’s generally a better way to handle that kind of thing if so.

Basically i have a software that needs to talk to an onboard raspberry (connected to the openhd air raspberry), so if openhd could join the ground and air networks like an ipmesh does it would be great. Don’t even know if that would be technically possible.



Any comment would be greatly appreciated just to understand what could be implemented in 3.0 and what not :slight_smile:


What protocol do they use to talk? Is it something that could be handled by a udp port in each direction? Bind one, sendto() the other, etc.

If it’s something that can only be done through tcp that’s also possible, but generally things will work out better without involving tcp.

@stephen we use an udp python socket, way less problematic when loosing packets and so on.

@stephen will it be possible with 3.0? An ethernet passtrough would be great to have.

Guess not :slight_smile: