Connecting Spektrum dx6i via USB

Hi, I am trying to connect Spektrum DX6i to ground station through a USB dongle. The dongle works perfectly on linux computer, but on open-hd the air station receives left stick movement left-right as a command and nothing else. Can anybody help?

You would need to plug it into your groundpi. Then run some software to see what raspbian sees- like jstest
That is first step in troubleshooting…

Hi, thanks for prompt reply. I managed to make some progress on this issue!
I have run jstest and then used jscal to map channels. Mapping did not work as I expected and I had to experiment with mapping numbers for a while. By try and error I finally found the magic numbers to map channels correctly. Then I calibrated Ground PI using jscal. I could see the sticks moving on mission planner. No movement on QGroundControl - any explanation why only MissonPlanner can show RC control sent over MavLink? When I flew the quad I noticed that the control is very jerky despite that on Mission Planner the movement of sticks was smooth. It was also OK on jstest. The jerk effect was strong and I ended up burning the ESC on one of the motors. Any suggestions? Really don’t understand where this jerk effect comes from?

cant really say why you are seeing these things… Would be curious if you still see “jerky” movement with a regular joystick or gamepad plugged in. Also check your arduquad logs to see what inputs the fc is seeing

Hi, I was also thinking that if I could check joystic commands received by air pi, then I could solve this puzzle. Are the joystic commands being stored in air pi logs? How can I access them? Thanks.

There are no logs stored on the airpi.

Your joystick commands are turned into mavlink rc override messages. So by looking at rc override messages on the FC log you can see what is being recieved at the FC