Custom drone radio transmissiion


I am new to drones and lack knowledge about the multitude of possibilities available on the market. I’ve developed a custom PCB board equipped with various sensors (for temperature, humidity, wind, etc.) and an MCU (Microcontroller Unit). The PCB board has UART output pins and transmits approximately 500 bytes every 20 milliseconds through UART.

My intention is to integrate this sensor board onto a drone to measure atmospheric conditions at different heights and gather information on the impact of tall buildings on city temperature. I aim for my system to exhibit low latency (< 20 ms), a data rate of 10 kB/s, and a range of at least 4 km.

I’m exploring the feasibility of purchasing a VTX and configuring it to transmit sensor data or configuring ICs (with openHD, for example). I am open to all suggestions and ideas.

Thank you.