Custom Ground Station by Aero

Hi. Here is my interprepation of the GS control based on Open HD.

I’ve made my own control system on arduino:

Power control and joystic.


WOOOW, this is a great AIO Groundstation! Can you tell us a bit more about its hardware inside?

And how is its made? (3D printed?)


It’s all made by 3D printer.

Raspberry pi 3, 2x AR9271 than can be changed to RTL8812AU (optional)
7inc Tablet
10inc Main screen with scaler V29
Power system on arduino with 2.8inc touch screen.
5000 mAh 3S lipo. 2 stick from turnigy rc. 1 arduino stick…

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That’s really impressive! Did you modify existing arduino code for USB-HID or did you program it from scratch? I really like the small panel for the joystick information.
I think a lots of people would cheer (including me!) if you would share your build!

Chapeau!! This is really a nice and sophisticated build. I really like the operator-console look of it. Also the color and and surface finish fit the style very well.
This is used together with a neckstrap, is it? The two indentaions to the left and right of the display are for attaching the strap, are they?

I’d love to hear more about it. It would be nice if you also have pictures from the inside and its guts! There is nothing better than studing stuff like that to get new ideas and inspirations for own projects.


I’m writing own usb-hid module. It’s not finished yet.

Yes, I plan to use a neckstrap. I want to make
fasteners from aluminum. I didn’t make photos from the inside (There is a lot of wires in it ). May be be soon i place it.

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