Diatone Roma L3 OpenHD ExpressLRS INAV

OpenHD 3” mini quadcopter.

This is a step by step build tutorial + maiden flight.

I decided to keep the plastic cover on the ASUS AC-56 module in order to protect it.
It increases the weight but it keeps the VTX safe as it’s outside of the frame.

This ultralight mini quad usually comes with Betaflight, Crossfire and CADDX Vista.

I decided to build my own Roma L3 LR using INAV, ExpressLRS and OpenHD video system.

This setup will give 40km RC and Video range.
The only limitation is the battery.
I used a 4S Samsung 50E 5000mah pack which I made it myself.

Easy to build and fun to fly. The latency is around 100-125ms which is 1/10 of a second!

Check out the video for more information, I hope you enjoy it.:blush:

Diatone Roma L3 Mini quad setup:

Frame: Diatone Roma L3 Quadcopter
Flight controller: Kakute F7 Mini V3
GPS: Matek GPS & Compass Module M8Q-5883
Propellers: Avan Mini 3 Inch Propeller Clear
ESC: Diatone Mamba F35 35A BLheli_S 4in1 ESC (3-6S)
Motors: Emax RS1306B V2 Motor - 4000KV
Receiver: Frsky R9 MX with ExpressLRS telemetry firmware
Firmware: INAV 2.6.1

OpenHD setup:

Air side:
Raspberry PI Zero
Raspberry PI Camera V2.1
8MP Camera module for PI Camera V2.1
Asus AC-56 WiFi USB module
OpenHD 2.0.8

Ground side:
Raspberry PI 3B+
Asus AC-56 WiFi USB module
OpenHD 2.0.8
HDMI video recorder
Fatshark HDO
Maple Wireless 17dBi patch antenna

DIY Antenna Tracker by zs6buj DIY Antenna Tracker by zs6buj OpenHD Skywalker 1720 INAV 2.6 - YouTube

Jumper T16
FrSky R9M with ExpressLRS (Telemetry) firmware running at 100Hz/1:16TLM @ 868MHz (with ExpressLRS fan mod)

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Very nice :+1:

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Thank you Sebastian!
Obviously your mini quad inspired me!

3” mini quad long range flight.:blush:

Camera upgrade and comparison! Enjoy!:blush:

New lens from Amazon :blush:

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Nice work!

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Thank you mate!:beers::blush: