Differences in osd on hdmi and QopenHd screens

HI all. I have a few questions about OpenHd, I see a difference in osd display on screen using hdmi and on qopenHD app, on osd app display correctly, and on screen, wrong flight mode, direction the same goes for home.
I use 2 wifi cards on the ground station, 1 anonymous card and asus ac56 card, but i see the anonymous card has rssi -14dbm, asus ac56 is -28dbm, both are 8812au chip, on air use taobao card . Obviously -14dbm is better than -28dbm right?
Perhaps this was mentioned somewhere, but I hope someone will help me explain it.

Are you sure both cards were connected and working in all those screenshots? One of those tests with the old OSD shows only one card, the -24 one, and QOpenHD shows the same.

There are settings that swap the home direction, check osdconfig.txt on the ground station card.

As for the flight modes, which firmware is that, iNav?

The last photo is I use 2 wifi cảds, Maybe the problem is because I use the power supply directly from the usb , I am using mavlink. Thanks, I will try to reconfigure it.