Diy Ghettostation based tracker

It’s a many times modified, Ghettostation tracker, ugly but functional one.
Antenna is also diy double biquad.


Hello! Nice work! could you describe your setup and tell what range was achived with this antenna?

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Air : pi3b+, Firefly split 4k, csi-hdmi converter, Asus ac-56 (5180mhz)
Gr. : pi3b+, Asus ac-56, tracker.
15k range. datarate 3,10 2 1024, bitrate 65, 59.9fps, 720p.

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for RC, I’m using frsky L9R, after 15k RSSI became low and starting to have failsafes…

RC changed to frsky R9 / R9M @868mhz, easy flight to 18k and more.
Also changed the antenna to maple patch 17dbi.

Curious as to what distance you have between your R9 transmitter and your ground station tracker? I’m using R9, but on 915mhz, and have finally figured out it what is giving me interference on my video using a AC56, especially at certain frequencies. I’ve ordered a longer HDMI (goggles to gs) cable to try to get farther away to see if that will help.

not more than 1 meters

Can i ask why you are bot using

pixhawk antenna tracker ? I am currently trying to design

this and i need some advice

As described in the initial post, it is ghettostation tracker, not ardu-tracker !
Pixhawk can be used as ardu-tracker base, but it is mainly a flight-controller…