Flights with my 2 Mini Talons


First video is with my old MT, Firefly split 4K camera, reached 15k with perfect picture, it was RC5.
Second video, with MT2, pi zero/zero cam 120 degrees lense, all this for fpv, HD filming cam is Gitup F1.

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Thanks for the flight. It is hard to tell in the 2nd video the openhd quality, but seems ok?

Yes, image quality is OK, but loosing video link at 4-6 km. Need to find a better antenna placement. Also using 433mhz RC, maybe it’s interfering with OHD. Will try în the future a 868mhz rc system.

How does it compare to a good analog fpv camera and vtx?

You can see for yourself, my first video, you see the image quality at 15km (Firefly split cam) . Pi zero camera is not so good, but much better than analog.

Yes, it seemed like it, but live im sure it is even better like always. Thanks!

True, live image in my HD goggles is better, than what phone display grab can show.

Cool. What goggles do you use?

Headplay HD, 1280x800 resolution.
And that’s make @Stephen to have more white hear :blush:

Interesting. Im planningnon 915mhz TBS crossfire for RC,

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