Fully 3D printed all-in-one with touchscreen

My new mobile all in one Open.HD ground station, fully 3D printed with 7" Pi display and Pi 3B+

Design available on Thingiverse


Good work, this should be my next diy project.

At the time this photo has been made, this were the default settings if I remember right.
Are you aware, that my photo is showing the qopenhd app running? It will be configured with touch or mouse only, not from the osdconfig.txt. I think qopenhd is running per default in the very latest images, so osdconfig.txt is more or less obsolete.

I’m trying to understand what you have done here. Would the joysticks be the same as those used if you attached a game controller; like for an XBox?

Generally, these game controllers should work as long as they are USB HID devices. But usually the sticks known from RC controllers are much more precise. However, as long as you fly your aircraft in some auto mode only, it may not matter much.

Really a great work, I feel that I must make also one!
Would you share the shopping list? :blush:

On the Thingiverse page are links to the most important parts. But feel free to ask if you miss something … :wink:

G-d willing

Great DIY project. Since I am with OpenHD I am only getting an appetite for more DIY projects :slight_smile:
What was the total cost of this project?


I didn’t add up everything exactly, but depending on where you source the parts, you should end up with around 150 to 200 € on this project.

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