Hardware for multi KM range

I roughly get 1.5Km range with my Alphas NHA in 2.4Ghz and stock omni antennas.

I’m starting a project in which I need about 6-8 Km range for Video, Telemetry and RC Control using only OpenHD and Pixhawk Cube (Arduplane). Flights will be in the middle of nowhere, so no RF noise of any kind.

I see your long-range flights and I wonder what are the best options:

5.8 vs 2.4?
Antennas in general…
Circular Polarized vs Linear, directional vs omni?
Antenna trackers? Which one?


I think your best and cheapest option is to upgrade your antennas because the stock Alfa ones are really shitty.
Good starting point for 2,4ghz ground antenna ist the „Alfa APA-M04“ directional antenna available at around 10€ per piece
Also you can add another, low power, atheros card to your ground station to enable software diversity.
I have even better results with circular Polarisation, but this is an ongoing discussion lol and it’s hard to find suitable cp antennas on 2,4 ghz…

Look at my videos, though it’s not OHD rc, but video on 5.2g, Asus cards, linear antennas.

What range can be expected only on dipoles at frequency 2.3? I read some people flying 7km.