HELP about the wifi cards

im posting some screen shots on wifi cards available on our online market… i really need help what card to buy… because asus AC56 is not available on our country

is there a way to push this taobao card to 10-20km range?

I have both AR9271 cards this: price “P1,086” and “P1.751”
I made some tests in the past (swapping antennas to test do I measure only sensitivity) and this with two antennas was ~6-9 dBm more sensitive. Personally, I am recommending this for Ground.

Of course, it is possible to push this card to 10-20km but only with directional antennas
The range record what I know for OHD was 76km (but a few months ago a video was deleted from YT)
You can ask directly Konstantin on Telegram he has YT 35km and has experience with AR9271