Help with wifi card


Can someone please tell me if I can get 500 mW out of this card? I got so hooked on the OpenHD system after watching so many videos from @MarioFPV, that I decided to build my own system!

This is a low power card, so no.
Try to get a asus ac56 for really long range

Hi @CopterGUI, thanks for the feedback! I’m not really on longe range, at least not in the near future, I would only like to have a good reception in a distance of 4/5 km maximum! I’m also undecided about the camera, I’m on a tight budget for everything!

I’m a drone guy, I started with fixed wing about 2 months ago and have already spent some money on buying material. I have a lot of analog fpv equipment, but analog fpv at medium range has no quality at all! Fortunately before I thought about buying DJI digital equipment, which now I don’t even have the budget for, I saw a post on the “CurryKitten” channel about OpenHD! That made me very motivated for the project and see that there is possibility to have a digital FPV signal without ruining the family budget!

Ah yes this System can be made cheap :slight_smile:

In this case i recommend this cheap camera:

And this WiFi Card for ground:

For the air unit and 5km+ range you probably can find a used TPlink T4UH (V1 !). It’s not in production anymore but can be bought on eBay for around 10-20€

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Thanks @CopterGUI, I appreciate the tip! I had gotten the idea that it was necessary to use the same wifi card on the ground and in the air, it turns out that’s not the case. Unfortunately this board doesn’t bring antennas, I think I have extra pig tails at home I think they should give on the board, but I’m not sure what kind of antenna to use!

Right It’s not necessarily to have the same cards, just the chipset „should“ match (some mixing is possible, just not everything).

You can use your analog antennas for the beginning - Or - if you can, get two of the T4UH. (It’s also a good ground card) They come with antennas and uFL connectors inside, so upgrading later is also easy.

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