Hi Im new to OpenHD.. whats the best long range Setup 10-20km

hi Im new to OpenHD… whats the best long range Setup 10-20km … idont mind the size or its weight i just want some ful HD and long range at the same the. hehehhe… anyone have suggestion for the best system…?? please… thanks in advance

Take a look at Norbert’s setup, he uses AC-56 wifi cards, an antenna tracker, and a custom antenna and routinely reports 25KM+ flights.

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thank you … might check that up

i have experienced using wifi boosters 4000mw two of them on the remote on my DJI mavic pro and the range is improved which is my target … but would you still recommend if i use some boosters on the wifi card and a decent antennas? i cant find anyone uses wifi boosters here on the forum… or any sites… i looked on the supported wifi cards like have listed 50mw 60mw 70mw and 280mw card… would it be nice if i use wifi boosters on them the 4000mw boosters? … or more on the high end side… with 800mw or the asus ac56 500mw cards?. im from philippines. its quite hard to find a specific card for the build… i can only find the low MW card on the online market…
sorry for the english… appreciated the reply… thanks…

and one more thing… is the rasberry pi HQ supported on the openhd???. i have plan to make PTZ on the raspberry pi HQ with the 16mm telephoto lens… manual zoom and apperture.

Yep the HQ camera works.

Hi Yuno_Gasai
In the past, a very common solution was boosting a signal. Generally to get the same effect you can increase the sensitivity of the receiver or boost the transmitted. In boosting problem is in power, because range vs power is sqr relation. to a double range, you need four times more power. If you use a card with 0.7W power by default and want a double range you need 2.8W (in practice around 4W because high frequency has much more lose on the heat in circuits, in comparison to low freq). If you want four times more range … ~16W?
Much simpler and wider possibilities give a better sensitivity on wifi dongle (eg. AC56) or better antenna (eg. calibrated or directional)
That’s boosting is not so popular or only a little - there is too much effort(work and power) in comparison to gain

ohhh appreciated the reply… so your recommending not to use the boosters… im just telling if its good to have boosters on the build.? .because i have a boosters on my mavic… like i said on my comments here… its hard to find a high a specific card on our online market… the only available i can see is the lower MW cards only… but like stephen replied i see the 25km on stock watts on asus ac56… i really need to find a way to get asus cards… but its still require more power if i use the pi HQ camera? or its fine…
sorry about the english bro… thanks for the reply…

I hope guys here correct me if I am wrong, but in true there are only two most popular cards :

  • High power dongle based on Atheros AR9271L
  • AC 56 (most people use this - few dB more sensitive)
    I personally buy from aliexpress and there is no option to buy from other sources except china.
    In the case of Mavic is hard to change the card to more sensitive (anyway they use good quality cards)
    To get 25km you need to use a directional antenna just because of physics.
    You can always add booster but above ~2W is better to spend time and work on direction antenna, sensitivity, and noise elimination.
    HQ cam does not consume too much power it can work with RPI on standard miniUSB power.

yeah… that what is my problem … the asus is popular… but i cant buy it… it doesnt support cash on delivery on aliexpress …i can find sone ar9271 and rtl8811au and rtl8812au but i cant trust them… because some of there claim is not true… … about the dji mavic pro… its so simple to put boosters on them… its only on the remote controller just some modification to put SMA connectors on the remote… and the boosters… i can safely remove them to the remote…

I am persnoally use High Power Atheros AR9271L for Air
and two low power AR9271 for Ground
My motivation was to be outside wifi frequency range
On this setup, I got 6km on Omnidirectional 5dBm antennas

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I have every intention of amping up on 2.4ghz, iva always run power on my 2.4 GHz control so its naturally a thing I’ll do with open HD from the start :slight_smile:
Both my air and ground will be amped and initially I’ll be running 2w but have my eye on 4w amps which will give significant range.

Anyone thinking of amping up on 2.4, you need to choose your WiFi adaptor carefully.
The amps are linear and output is directly tied to input, their maximum input is 100mw (20dbm) and you want to get a WiFi card which outputs as close to that as possible for maximum power but its important not to drive the amps with more than 100mw otherwise you will burn them out.

The common 70mw sticks will still get decent range and over 1w output from a 2w amp but you won’t get the full 2w.

I have seen 5w and 8w amps but they are so big and heavy that they can only ever be used on the ground pi but I can’t see any reason of other than possibly a stronger link for rc control from using a more powerful setup on the ground than the air but I don’t actually know how the ground unit behaves once it can no longer ‘see’ the air unit, will it carry on broadcasting to the air unit even after the two way link is broken?