How limited is the raspi zero for air unit?

I want to test the open HD system but I’ve read the wiki and found no detailed documentation on what is the performance like on the raspi zero also I if somebody has tried the banana pie zero
banana pi zero
I have no problem running the 3b on the ground but I have limited space on the airframe for a full raspberry 3b

so what would you think on running a banana pie , or does the pi zero work ( i only intend to run video with osd)

Also, can you run HDMI camera as input?

The Pi Zero is definitely overloaded but it does work. If you’re going to use one I strongly suggest using 8812au wifi cards to relieve some of the load on the pi.

If you can fit a Pi3a+ you should consider that, they’re dramatically faster and more stable.

We’re about to release support for some other boards, but HDMI input is only ever going to work on boards that have a working CSI connector and a working h264/h265 encoder, which basically means just the raspberry pi, the nvidia jetson nano (requires some driver work for the hdmi board), and some of the rk3399 boards (which are also likely to require a driver). So in the immediate term if you need an HDMI input board the raspberry pi are the way to go.

Thanks stephen
So the banana pi (zero clone) witch has 4 core processor won´t work ?

Also can i use any usb wifi adapter or are only certain models supported ?

It may work if it’s just another board with an h3/h5 processor, the nanopi images will likely work in 2.1.

Yes you need specific wifi cards, we’re expanding the supported cards but for now you will want something with a Realtek 8812au chip, you can look at the OpenHD wiki on Github to find some.

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Hello Stephen,

Are you saying the current image/firmware of openHD on GitHub can be installed/flashed on to any Banana Pi board with a H3/H5 cpu?

What are you referring to by “2.1”?

Stephen has not been around for a while. Unknown if anyone has gotten OHD running on the banana pi but worth a try if you have one.
Stephen was referring to 2.1 which will be version 3.0. This has been a lot of work by Stephen but was not completed to rewrite the code to be cleaner along with getting it running on other boards as he mentioned above.

Thank you for the reply.
I do not have a banana pi , but I was planning on getting hold of one if OHD could be confirmed working on it.

Hoping this could be made to work on various boards. I mean a diy drone is going to end up costlier and maybe not as advanced than an off the shelf unit, but I do like the flexibility (limited at the moment) to customize and build your own and the experience of it.

I’ve tried the zero with success, however like others have mentioned the zero seems a bit overloaded as it got pretty hot, and startup took about 2-3 min. I’ve switched over to the pi3a+ and the connection is almost instant, it’s really worth the little bit of added mass, well unless your building a tiny quad or something