How to get air unit up and running with Jetson Nano?

I just picked up a Jetson Nano as it seems like the optimal SOB for the job! It has plenty of I/o to allow usage of PCIe wifi card and if I can find the pinout of the SODIMM interface I can whip up a custom PCB w/ 4 camera interfaces, and I have an IMX477 and RasPi IMX219 module. I have a Pi 4 4GB for the ground unit.

But I’m hopeless when it comes to software! Where do I start? I got the official Nvidia image up and running. Do I just run a script on the Nano, will it automagically install?

Are multiple streams supported? Or the ability to switch between cameras, or record high quality data to the SD card? I could see value in having a laptop out in the field when performing an autonomous operation, is there a custom application stack for a Linux x86 laptop?


You will need the 3.0 branch of OpenHD to run on a jetson, which is not released yet.