HQ quality camera as a "camera rig"


I saw your test flight @stephen on youtude with a HQ camera. The video was pretty shaky but I assume it was without any damping or gimbal. But still quite a lot of vibrations. I wonder what lens you were using on it? There are two stock lenses available for this camera, 6mm wide angle and 16mm. Was it one of those or some other lens?

How is your overall impression of the camera. It has 12Mpixels. Is it worth the cost?

I wonder in general those who use DSLR cameras, how do you feed the live video to the OpenHD down to the ground? My Auvidea B102 is pretty bad since it only takes 1080p30 and I read that CSI-2 interface has a limit of 1080p25. None of the cameras I have (EOS M, nx500, Olympus, another Canon) works. The only one that works with it is GoPro. DSLR cameras has a framerate of 60fps or 30fps. And I have not found any other HDMI-to-CSI2 adapters except Auvideas and their Chinese clones. So what is your OpenHD DSLR rig consist of ?

As a workaround I am planning to mount picamera with OpenHD on to of DSLR camera just to get a shots in the same direction that the DSLR.

Hah, yea I literally taped it to the front of my pi zero, which is mounted in the worst possible way: bolted to a servo which is bolted to the quad frame, no damping of any kind. I was primarily just trying to see how the sensor reacts to scene changes and sunlight, and to see the color reproduction. It does very well overall.

The lens was the Arducam CS 6mm. For $50+$15 it’s worth it I think, but you might want to look through the OpenHD wiki on the camera page there are some others like the USB connected C1 micro which are apparently very good despite being 30fps.

The DCDZ HDMI-CSI adapter itself should handle 1080p60 but only when connected to something with 4x CSI-2 lanes, so just the Compute Module 3+ (requires a driver change to enable those extra lanes) and the Nvidia Jetson which we have not released support for yet.

I remember reading this post a while back and then came across this page - https://github.com/raspberrypi/documentation/pull/1533/files

and was wondering if this new driver has been used with OpenHD? Am I reading this right that this might be the driver change required to allow 4x CSI-2 lanes on a Raspberry 4b and the Compute Module 3+ ?

Many thanks to the developers - this an amazing effort. For me a complete newbie to Raspberry Pi I was able to get the system up and running on the first attempt!!!

When I checked before they still hadn’t updated it, but perhaps they have now.

Probably requires moving to the 5.4.x kernel series which has had a ton of problems, hopefully they’ve got those worked out because there are major improvements too.