I need help to configure veye 327E

If i use a v1 or v2 pi cam my air pi work as espected and send signal to the ground pi , but when i plug the veye 327E my air pi acts as a ground pi and start the hotspot and wait for a signal (I think) .
i use pi 3b+ both air and ground openhd 2.0.8 with untouched config lest my old setup create even more problems.
do I have to necessarily change some parameter in the configuration to make the veye 327E work?
I await some suggestions to be able to proceed.
Thanks and greetings from Adriano

I supply 5v power to the camera, and fearing a malfunction I tried it on a raspbian installation and it works normally, but openhd still does not notice that the camera is connected and continues to act as a “ground pi”
i also changed the resolution setting to 1920x1080x30 but it doesn’t work.
What do you recommend?

I found the solution by asking on the telegramm group.
The solution was:
In the file config.txt
#uncomment below if using veye innomaker imx219 cam or HAT

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thanks you saved me some time

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I flew with it
i have 2 questions :

  1. do you have a separate 5 volts for pi & veye cam ?
  2. I have a strange color for the sky, can you share your settings ?


EXTRAPARAMS="-md 1 -cd H264 -n -fl -ih -pf high -drc high -if both -ex backlight -mm backlit -awb horizon -co 33 -sa 33 -sh 33 -br 55"
I don’t know if these parameters are used with this camera

these below are certainly used, but they are almost the stock ones


EXTRAPARAMS_IMX290="-cd H264 -n -fl -ih -pf high -if both"

0x00 Back Light Mode OFF

0x01 Back Light Mode LOW

0x02 Back Light Mode HIGH

0x03 DOL WDR Enable


0x00 Normal

0x01 Mirror

0x02 V-Flip

0x03 Mirror And V-Flip(180 Degree Rotate)


This is a complicated setting, see here: http://wiki.veye.cc/index.php/VEYE-MIPI-290/327_i2c


0x00 means fixed framerate, up to 0x11 will allow the camera to adjust framerate to increase exposure, which

may not be desirable for FPV


agc indicated max gain of AE mode

Range 0x00 to 0x0F


AE Target Brightness

Range 0x00 to 0x64


AE adjust speed, p1 is agc speed, p2 is shutter speed,Slow to Fast: [0, 0x64]

Range 0x00 to 0x64


Range 0x00 to 0xFF


Range 0x00 to 0x64


0x0 disables, 0x1 enables


Sets the sharpen strength, sharppen1 must be enabled

Range [0x0-0xA]


The overall AE target value in WDR mode.

Takes effect in WDR mode. range: [0-0xFF]


The auto exposure target value of the bright area in WDR mode.

Takes effect in WDR mode. range: [0-0xFF]


Used to flip/mirror the IMX307 camera, separate setting from IMX290 because they don’t handle it the same way

0: normal, 1: flip, 2: mirror, 3: flip+mirror.

Note that the IMX307 configuration system seems to expect numbers like 0, not 0x00 like imx290 mirrormode


i use the step up/down in the image