I2S Audio send and receive, Sensor data, Custom controller

Hi! new here with this amazing openHD!

I’m currently listing parts to be use on a ground RC robot. I can code in c/c++ and python.

Is I2S Audio supported or is there a way to make it work? Cause my current assumptions now is that it should work, just needs to be the default audio in and out so I can send and receive audio. This particular product is on my list Overview | Adafruit Voice Bonnet | Adafruit Learning System

Based on the wiki, audio from air should be easy to setup. But Audio from gnd to air, I only found this comment on a website. 2-Way Audio Help - Open.HD . I can only try after I purchased the parts.

2nd one is I have sensor reading from RPI-AIR, how can I send it to the RPI-GS? Is there any channel or stream of data that I can add it as part of the message being sent.

3rd is my robot may need custom code for stabilization (not supported by ordinary APM rover setup). So to use the RC control I need to conform with the MAVlink commands and telemetry data, am I right?


Sorry I am no help on audio… never tried it and it doesnt get alot of attention

2- looks into the OpenhdMicroservices repo. Unless you can piggy back on an existing mavlink message you might have to generate your own custom mavlink- change the openhd xml mavlink definitions and then run the generator.

3- for ardupilot we use mavlink rc_override messages (inav now supposedly supports this too). For inav we send whatever protocol the FC speaks out of the airpi tx pin into the fc rx pin.
In general the groundpi reads HID/joystick inputs then sends that over to the airpi. The airpi then converts that to whatever we want to feed the FC…