I'm new & don't know where to start. Need help

Hi my name is Syed from Malaysia. I’m new here. I don’t know where to start & I don’t have any idea which hardware to use. Anyone can help me?
Thank you.

Easy :slight_smile:


  • 2x Raspberry Pi 3b+
  • A Raspberry Pi v2 camera sensor
  • 2x supported wifi cards (see below)

What are you currently using for RC control (FlySky/FrSky/etc)?

If you have a separate 2.4Ghz RC system already, you’ll have to get a pair of 5.8Ghz wifi cards for OpenHD. The options there are slightly more limited, so you should see which of the 5.8Ghz wifi cards on the OpenHD wiki you can actually obtain easily. Keep in mind that the higher power cards will require soldering power to them separately, as the USB ports on a raspberry pi really can’t power them (they can become disconnected during flight as well, soldering is the solution).

Thanks for the reply. I’am using frsky tx with crossfire module. Will read the wiki.