Integrating FC for an AIO

Hi Everyone,

What would it take - and what are the headaches/snags - of getting that old archived pxfmini code - to run alongside the OpenHD system? Creating basically an AIO flight controller with only the ESCs being external (using rc control functionality rather than an external receiver)

Hardware side, I was thinking of updating erle robotics’ pxfmini board to take the new pi4 compute and it’s connector and breakout the missing connections. I started playing with it in kicad last night and liked how it was coming out…

But as always, I’m better hardware side than software/programming. And don’t have the pi4 compute to play with on hand to see if there’s any major snags…

It’s hard to tell from looking at their documentation but does Ardupilot run on the pi in that situation?

You could do it, generally requires using the RT Linux patches to keep other stuff on the pi from affecting critical code, but otherwise it should work.

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Ardupilot is run on the pi yes, no secondary microcontroller involved - pretty much whole reason to look at this.

Trying to get my hands on a more common navio (different sensors same hat flight controller idea), and have a standard pi4 4gb/4gb coming to play with see if I can make the software sides get along before keeping going trying to make the hardware work.