Is it fake? AWUS036ACH-C (USB-C)

PCB looks very different from normal version with USB 3.0 Micro-B connector, but feels well made…
OpenHD default image works, shielded in microwave too, haven’t tested distance yet.

No images or discussions on inet. I think my pic is the first ever :))

Amazon link

Hi, nice find.

After a quick search I’d say this is a new version, not a counterfeit. Can be found in quite some stores. Also Has shielding around the amplifiers- That’s nice :slightly_smiling_face:

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Cool, I got worried as its not even on alfa official website. Ordered 2nd one yesterday lol

Could you tell me the FCC ID from the label please ?

Sure. FCCID: 2AB8788121

Thx. Wierd it’s the same ID as the „old“ version…

My old (blue pcb, micro-b connector) does not have FCCID on the case, btw, this does. Do you know by chance, what the little switch does on old pcb?

I read that the switch disables the amplifiers for low power mode. But no hard data on this

There is no switch on the newer version, but the RF amplifiers are different and down graded in power , the earlier one had 5023L 26dbm , the newer comes with 85728 which is 3 dbm less. What a pity … but the receive sensitivity is insane … use Ac56 in air and ACH. On the ground IMHO