Is this feasible? PC desktop display extender

Wanted to ask more experienced users about the feasibility of this proposed project:

Use OpenHD to transmit a PC monitor display wirelessly to another device (ie laptop).

My thought process is that since OpenHD is able to transmit video over far distances (compared to wireless HDMI distances seen on marketed products), this should be able to send a desktop display wirelessly to another display that is quite far away.

I am totally fine with lag and low frame rate, because the purpose is for viewing simple word documents on the sending display, just need to see the screen once it loads things like scroll down, next page, etc. Its not like I am wanting to enjoy a live action film at 4k res! :smiley:

My biggest question is whether the transmitting device (the raspberry pi) can receive a monitor display as input if I use an HDMI to USB adaptor with the USB fed into the pi.

Thank you for your help!