Lens for pi cam HQ/V3

what lens would be a good start for FPV if I take the pi cam v3/HQ? Thanks for your answers.

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I only know up to the v2 cam officially from Raspberry pi. The one your referring to may be an off brand generic camera. Check the lens mount and see what lens options you have, what’s prefered for FPV is anything with a wide FOV :wink:

I think @Turtletrumpet just means the official Pi HQ Cam :wink:.

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Ahh gotcha thx :grinning:

I use the Arducam B0262 which is the RPI HQ camera sensor in a small form factor, and to this camera you can get a lense kit with many different FOV.

I like the 75 and 100 degrees FOV.

You can also get the M12 Lense with adaptor RPI HQ camera:

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