Lichee Nano SBC, could it be suitable for OpenHD?

Hi guys !
I stumbled upon this “Lichee Nano” SBC on Aliexpress.
Could it be used in place of a Pi Zero ? (I’m interested in the smaller footprint)

How about this one ?

I´m not sure.
I´ve looked into this board in the past before, but AFAIK, software support is really bad for these chips.
Allwinner V3S is basically not being used in any other projects. In theory it does have a couple of nice featrues, but quite often most of them don´t work due to poor driver/software availability from Allwinner.
I´m trying to get something to run on an Allwinner S3 based board.
Olimex is building their own S3 based board and they are really comitted to it. Olimex is used to working on platforms with poor software support and (supposedly) they got every feature of S3 working. It took them almost a year, but they are on it and almost done with mainline integration. This includes hardware acceleration and hardware interfaces.