Live Video Streaming Setup on the Ground

Hi together,

new here so please bear with me. (In progress of reading through the forum and discord)

To my project: I want to setup a remote sender on a moving (24h race) vehicle (a Vespa to be exact), from which i want to stream into the pitlane a video / audio and telemetry stream. (Telemetry from now asside as I have severall options there SiK Radio, LoRa self build or abusing ELRS HW).
Intend is to have a monitor stream in the pit, so that we can see all is good and from there stream it to youtube.
Currently using my dji fpv system for it and video is okay, but no audio, if interessted see 8h Race

  • Gasheads really do want audio…

My current plan: Using front mounted gopro (7) for hypersmoothed video and good audio. Hdmi out to a camlink (or hdmi to csi) and into an rpi (or directly into a khadas vim4 if they get encoder/hdmi support sorted out).

Now as i am a bit overwhelmed about the adapter options let me get to my question.
RTL8812AU with 500mW+ seems to be the best option but hard to find (like the taobao card).
I think this would be a solid option Rtl8812au High Power Network Card 1.5w-1.8w Special For Raspberry Pie Mini3b - Instrument Parts & Accessories - AliExpress
But as it is getting pretty expensive I want to avoid a mistake.
Any other recommendations?

Btw. do I need (or better do I want) 2 of them ? (Remote and Stationary) or 3 (1 Remote 2 Stationary) or 4(2Remote 2 Stationary) ? Which setup is best for a dirty ground based environment? Do I need the level of output power on the ground or will a good antennasetup with an asus ac56 (moded) be sufficient?

Every other feedback also greatly welcome