Locked Alfa NHA Cards

I have been working on a setup using a raspberry pi zero 2w, a pi 3b, and two alfa NHA cards. Unfortunately there have been many problems surrounding the max range of my system, as it usually drops out at about 500m in areas without interference. After seeing the post below, I checked both network cards using raspian bullseye and found both to be locked to the GB region, and therefore limited to 20dBm. So I went through the process of changing the regulatory db to increase the power in rasbian bullseye on one of the two cards, and it seemed to work, and so I went to do the same procedure in Open.HD, and found that the TX power had already been set to 30 dBm. Has the regulatory.bin file been modified to allow full tx power in the Open.HD 2.0.8 image?

Also, any tips for how to improve the range of this system with the hardware I have in place? It is a ground vehicle, and interference should not be a problem where it is being operated.

Thanks in advance.