M12 Lens holder for Pi HQ cam

Hey guys,

due to increasing demand,
Here is my M12 Lens holder for the Pi HQ cam :slight_smile:

Have fun.


V2 now online. Can hold the original IR Filter.

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And here is V3. Lighweight and added a little cone for easy screwing


I had your v2 printed by a service- turned out great! Thanks for sharing!

How does this piece mount on the HQ Camera? Do you mind posting a photo with it mounted? Thanks.

Sure :slight_smile:

Many thanks! Btw, that whole frame is 3D printed…? Nice!!

Maybe a stupid question, but coming from analog FPV with older 250er quads, I wounder is this a solution to use the lenses from old FPV cams for the digital hq cam?
I see the hd cam module is sold without lenses, and the available solutions seem not to fit the needs for FPV?