Map option in osd?

Hi, I’m building open HD and have a test setup working.
I have video, full osd telemetry and bi directional telemetry to mission planner working as it should (with a question on its connection) but I have seen that there is an option to display a map in open hd’s osd, does that option work and if so what steps are required to have a working map please?

My other question, about mission planners connection is regarding TCP/UDP.

I can ping my ground Pi’s ip just fine but I cannot connect though mission planner using TCP, It fails every time but I can connect via UDP and everything works as it should.

I googled the difference between TCP and UDP and know about the error checking and correction of TCP vs no checks but a faster connection with UDP but is it really a concern?

I won’t be flying using open HD for rc control and will be running a separate rx and only using open HD for video, osd and the bi directional connection to mission planner.

Is it OK to stick with UDP or should I troubleshoot the TCP problem?

Thanks, Steve.

Turn on the map by going to the widget options menu.

I know how to turn the option on, I said that I’d seen the option in the osd settings, my question was how to make it work, turning the option on just displays a blank tile with no map on it.

You need to run the app on a device with a data connection to the internet.

Is it an option to download the map and use off-line or just the stored map used before?

As of now there is no option for offline map tile download.

Hopefully an easy to answer question but from within OpenHD how do you connect a ground Raspberry Pi 4b to a network with data connection?
Wanting to use the Map Option but just haven’t worked out how I connect to my data wifi hotspot from within OpenHD ?