MIPI Full HD camera of excellent sensitivity

Dear Sirs and Madams

I’m developing camera modules working on RaspberryPi and other SBCs for vision application. I’m very interested in Open.HD activity and would like to emphasize the camera function for it with my product since our cameras will be the most suitable for drone usage. For example, I have the IMX327 full HD camera board of excellent sensitivity, small form factor, light weight, directly connected to Raspi MIPI port with “libcamera” which will give the drone operator the wide angle and clear-vision even under dark condition. It would be great if you could give me the advice how to upgrade Open.HD video streaming function to work with our SE327MBD camera. SE327MBD camera board

I appreciate your kind help in advance.

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Hi Sohonomura,

I have done some development on OpenHD mainly implementing compatibility with the new VEYE cameras. Your camera looks nice and it is one of the pieces of hardware this project is lacking. Are you able to provide the dimensions?
The code in the current version uses raspivid. Is it necessary to use libcamera? In 2.1 (which is still under development) the video stream is done via gstreamer.
We would be more than happy to work with you to get your camera compatible so we have another option.
You can find a more active group on telegram and feel free to contact me directly there.


Daniel McCullock

Dear MacDaddyFPV-san

Thank you for your reply so soon.

I’ll upload the mecha-dimension file as below.

Basically the size is almost equivalent to Raspi V2.1 camera board.
The height will be depending on the lens since M12 lens can be attached.

I have never tried raspivid since I’m thinking IMX327 has the driver but no official support from RaspberryPi Foundation.
But they both use the gstreamer, it should be very similar.
Our SE327MBD is directly connected to MIPI port of RaspberryPi and use HW ISP of Raspi.
I’m not sure the the camera from VEYE takes the same method but as far as I read the spec of their camera, it seems there exists the ISP chip on their board.

And as you might be noticed, we have tiny and light weight IMX219 wide angle modules which is compatible with the official V2.1 camera, it will be more suitable for small drones.
If you want to evaluate our camera modules, I can send you some samples including SE327MBD.

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Dear Sohonomura-san,

I would be more than happy to evaluate the modules and work on getting them compatible. Please email me at Dmccullock83@gmail.com and we can discuss further.

Kind regards