Multiple cameras/PIP

Does OpenHD support more than one camera? - like a few USB cameras, and maybe PIP or option to select between them ?

In 2.0 you can do PiP yes, it’s designed for a main forward looking high res camera, and then you can use RC to toggle another camera, most people use that for FLIR or downlooking visual.

The only constraint is that in 2.0 the main camera has to be a pi camera or an hdmi input source, but the 2nd one can be anything.

2.1 will support up to 4 cameras and be more flexible about their configuration and bandwidth allocated to each one.

Thank you, that’s fantastic, can the user select source of the “main source/big picture” any time?
Also, it seems that I just learned that (some)RPi can take HDMI in ? - I always thought of that as output only.

It depends on the OSD you’re using, the old one switches the entire screen but the new one was primarily designed for thermal PiP, we can add support for making it switch though.

Yes there is an HDMI-CSI adapter board you can get that connects as if it were a pi camera, and then you can connect regular HDMI devices as long as they aren’t 1080p60, which the normal pi models don’t have full wiring for (it would require a 4 lane CSI connection, only the pi compute modules have that).

From what I’ve read so far, OSD overlay is applied on the ground side, are you telling me that more than one stream is transmitted simultaneously ? - or does the OSD, on ground, command the video source/PiP on the aircraft?

How do i connect Flir vue pro as secondary camera??

Looks like you would need one of the HDMI-CSI adapter boards, there are a few listed on the OpenHD wiki.

Looks like the camera provides 720p@60 video signal over HDMI even though it’s a lower resolution thermal sensor, so it should work fine.

About 640x480. Res and the output is analog ntsc or pal… does it support ?? Hdmi to csi??

I want to use my flir vue pro as support camera for the main Pi HQ?

You can do that if you use something like a stereo pi or soon a jetson.

You would need to find a way to get the video in to the pi, looks like an HDMI-CSI adapter would be the easiest way to go.

Sorry I missed this before, yes the OSD is running on the ground side because it’s a full interactive UI (touch/mouse).

Your RC transmitter can change which video is full screen.