Multiple reboots before connection : RESOLVED

I am using these wifi adapters for

It takes a long long time with a dozen automatic reboots until the openhd prompts appear and I get a connection.

actually it is getting more more stable the longer I leave it running.
The distance is only a few cms.

Is this due to the choice of adapters I am using ? --RESOLVED -----

I think the reboots was due to erratic power supply from usb port from laptop.

The reboots are needed to fully setup openhd.
The adapters aren’t great for range, but it should be better if you set the transmit power to a higher level

when I use these adapters

the transmit power variable WB_TX_PWR_O can be changed with a drop list of values ranging from low , medium, , very high.

I also purchased a very cheap adapter and they also work.
however with this cheap adapter i can change as an int using + - not a drop down list of values
the INFO messages says the value might not have any effect.
what is the difference between the adapters.

9900Mbps Wireless USB WiFi Adapter Dongle LAN 802.11/b/g/n 2.4Ghz Laptop PC

link to ebay cheap adapter

looks like the 8811au device uses the 8812au driver, which is modified by our developers to support something called “tx-power-overwrite” which allows to use transmit powers without checking if the value is allowed in your country.
The MTK device you tried is
a) untested, I’m surprised that it even works
b) does use a official kernel driver, which doesn’t allow to be changed above the allowed rate (normally 25mw), not changing wifi modulation or other additional features

We strongly recommend using a 8812au stick, since it gives the best performance and everything is tested to work with them

I would also suggest joining our Telegram group, which is a lot more active, the forum is quite outdated and most people dont use it anymore.