Nano Goblin Build

V2 cam (will switch to hq cam soon)
Usb-Ac56 card
Diy whip antenna hidden in vertical stabilizer
Matek gps hidden in wing
Diy 2s li-ion

All up weight 304g

Hq cam will add weight. Will require a nose job to fit. I am trying to keep it super clean as this nano goblin is more affected by drag then weight.


That is a super clean install, very nice! I’ve crammed my share of parts into a NG, never thought you could get a Pi0 in it, much less a 3B.
Are you using OpenHD for RC then? The NG is one slippery little ship.


The pi 3b is almost totally stripped so it sits flat and weighs much less. It actually fits perfectly, just a bit of foam underneath

Yes, using openhd for rc

I am actually running into issues with my matek gps/compass. I keep getting warnings/errors when arming of efk3 inconsistancy and some number of degrees. I think its related to my compass and interference. I have had a hard time getting good compass calibration. I already lowered the “fitness” requirement of the compass. I also tried another gps/compass. Now I think I have to carve up my wing some more and move the compass even further out…

I had tons of problems with my compass, in fact I had problems even when I moved the GPS away from it, because Ardupilot had calibrated the compass and accounted for the GPS being nearby, and I changed it and messed it all up :smiley:

Curious as to why you are using a compass on a wing/plane. I’m not an expert by any means, but I’ve read that a gps is good enough, and is actually all I’ve ever used to successfully utilize the different modes (RTH, cruise, navigation, horizon, etc.) in INAV on my wings, maybe Arduplane is different though. I believe in INAV for a quadcopter a compass is necessary for the navigation modes to work, which is why I’m still using Betaflight on my 5" quad. I had a huge problem finding a spot for even the gps to work on it, I would guess adding a compass might not be possible.

I think its required for what I want to do.

“Accurately setting up the compass is critical because it is the primary source of heading information. Without an accurate heading the vehicle will not move in the correct direction in autopilot modes (i.e. AUTO, LOITER, PosHold, RTL, etc). This can lead to circling (aka “toiletbowling”) or fly-aways.”

That is for a copter, not fixed wing. In both inav and arduplane, therr isnt any need for a compass. I use heading hold in both on different birds and it works perfectly, as long as you are moving, all it needs is gps to keep proper heading

For arduplane, it also will try and use the accelerometer for heading.

Exactly as above. We have a lot of wings, planes with Arduplane, none have compass, or compass enabled, flying straight and reliable using only GPS.

Thanks for the info guys. I am pretty new to arduplane. It looks like arduplane docs could use an update.

Really nice little plane :slightly_smiling_face:

I think the compass helps a lot when it comes to guessing the wind direction as the heading is not always the same as flight route.

Hi, nice design, what were the flight results ?

upgraded to a maple… need to test this guy

Put a Pi HQ cam in the nose. I took the HQ cam down to the pcb and then just glued on an M12 lens mount. Works nicely. I built the area around the cam up with scrap foam to keep it clean and aerodynamic. I need to fill it sand it a bit…

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Very streamlined. I like it