Need partner for build openhd on allwinner h3

using 2.0.8 release openhd sourcecode,with orangepi pc plus(allwinner h3 core)
i have done some packages.only openhd package, i should do some functions remove.
can someone want to join me.

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That sounds interesting. I’ve started looking into the codebase, but so far I can only comment, in my experience Sunxi-Cedrus is not very easy to work with.

i think using tina linux(offical allwinner)maybe ok.trying with gstreamer

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could you send me a link to this image(tina linux(offical allwinner)? I discovered Sunxi-Cedrus port encoding in ffmpeg (libav) code. If ported to gstreamer, it might help

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i have a package for r818 ,but h3 or other hx ,i dont have. i am trying to get it from allwinner team.


Ребята,а нет ли у вас желания на khadas vim,или asus tinker board сделать open hd???

I simply don’t have them, and porting without a board is so-so.
I also have boards for Allwinner H616 and Rockchip RK3399 from orange. I’m more interested in this port in order to test the possibility of inference directly on the board using the Orange Pi AI Stick Lite and generate instructions for the flight controller based on their results.

Hello every one