No connection between RTL8814AU and RTL8812BU

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a question, for my ground station I use a ALFA AWUS1900 with RTL8814AU and for my Air Station I use a RTL8812BU USB stick. With this configuration nothing is working, both Pi’s booting up and recognising the wifi cards, but no Video and no telemetry. Both running at 5180 MHz. When I turn it around and use the RTL8812BU USB stick as Ground Station and the ALFA AWUS1900 as Air Station then everything works right out of the box. But the ALFA AWUS1900 is really too big to use it as Air Station.

So why does it work only one way and not the other way ?.

Thanks for your Help

Cu Stefan

The problem is the 8812bu. It can only receive. Get an 8812au for air and it should work.

Thank so much, you saved me so much time dealing with this.

Thanks again.

Cu Stefan